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Complete Home Furniture

Bedroom Furniture

At Palma Brava we strongly believe the bedroom is the most personal room. We bring to you the best bedroom furniture, accessories, nightstands and unique products to make your personal & resting space look simply outstanding based on unique tastes.

Living Room

Aside from the bedroom, we understand the living room of a home is often the most desirable spot in the home. We understand the importance of comfortable, durable, and long lasting furniture that holds its outstanding looks for many years. We choose some of the best in quality couches, futons and recliners for your comfort and unique taste.

Dining Room

Entertaining family or guests is a tradition in many households. We understand dining room furniture’s elegance is a crucial part to give your home that warm & unique feel during all family or holiday dinners. Our designers bring you some of best hand picked furniture that can last a lifetime.

Home Office

Having a home office is essential to every home. Without a good work station we agree its very hard to stay organized or get things done. We do understand there is a big difference between a “simple-4-legged-desk” and a beautiful cherry wood office table with an organizer. For the up-scale home office furniture, Please visit our showroom.



Furniture & Decor Consultation

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Call us for our customized home decor appointment. We will be delighted to serve you in the most creative way.
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