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96r, Paige Side Chair- Grey Powder Coated Steel - Palma Brava | Furniture Store in Oakville, Burlington, Mississauga

Paige Side Chair- Grey Powder Coated Steel

Add this modern chair to your dining room and dine comfortably with your friends and family. Features gray powder coated metal legs that supports a soft tufted 100% Polyester fabric seat and back, ensuring increased comfort. The casual and contemporary design will easily complement any type of decor, so your home will not only become more comfortable, but also more stylish.
Width: 19″
Depth: 23″
Height: 33″
Seat Height: 20″
Seat Depth: 17″
Product Weight: 9 lbs
Cover: Keystone.
Cover Colour: Storm. velour Pine,Midnight, Dove Grey, Cloud
Finish: Gray Powder Coated Steel.

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